Leasing companies have found Ohio Warehouse to be their leading choice in remarketing end-of-lease forklifts and industrial equipment. We have strategic relationships in all three stages of the forklift value chain: new sales by dealers, lease termination, and remarketing off-lease equipment back into the forklift market. Our network of customers and partners creates a broad footprint that helps quickly move off-lease equipment.

We have a large 50,000 square foot indoor facility that is ideal for storing off-lease forklifts out of the elements. And our trained technicians can expertly inspect all brands of forklifts and lift trucks for lease originators.

For more information about partnering with Ohio Warehouse to remarket off-lease forklifts and lift trucks, please call 216-661-3477.

Our approach

Our core goal is to be a responsive and trustworthy partner to leasing companies. In doing so, our top priority is to maintain a team that fully understands the forklift market, residual values, the cost of forklift repairs, and the importance of providing accurate condition reports at lease termination.

Residual Guidance

Ohio Warehouse provides residual guidance at lease origination on forklifts and lift trucks. Our team of forklift professionals hasseveral years of experience in the material handling industry and understands the complexity of factors that make up a forklift's residual value. We also maintain years of sales records on new and used forklifts and lift trucks to use as reference when determining end-of-lease values.

Condition Reports

Our condition reports are completed by a team of skilled technicians who have been expertly trained and are well versed on a wide variety of forklift models. When a group of forklifts is returned from lease and consigned with Ohio Warehouse, our technicians use an industry leading inspection report to identify potential fees. The reports are reviewed by management, coupled with detailed photos, and submitted to the lease originator in an easy-to-use format.


Ohio Warehouse has deep relationships with forklift dealerships across the US and Canada as well with established exporters who export to Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. We maintain a real-time website and use popular internet marketing channels to sell equipment. Our customers count on accurate listings, detailed condition reports, and competitive pricing.